Monday, February 27, 2012

Pagan Blogosphere

Wow! After looking around the Internet for different ways to promote this site, I've managed to stumble onto the wider pagan blogosphere. I'm not sure why I had assumed it would be difficult to find other pagan blogs. For some reason I was still imagining the landscape I had known when Geocities was a popular website.

It's cool, but humbling. There are so many more well informed pagan bloggers out there. One of the neat things I noticed is that other blogging sites keep a list of other blogging sites in their side bar. I like this idea and I think I'll implement it (I'll create a form later for user to submit new links for the list). I'm humbled by others who are already so involved with pagan culture and are reporting issues relevant to that culture.

This has made me realize that when I started thinking about this blog I already had some definite ideas about what I was going to write, and I was ignoring a lot of other issues that touch pagan culture. Now, my dilemma is whether to expand my thinking and start following wider sociopolitical issues as they affect pagans, or should I maintain my focus on the areas of paganism that I'm passionate about?