Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm going to try this again. I went off on bit of a tangent yesterday. Today, I'd like to focus on how I perceive faith.

Faith seems to make some people uncomfortable. Most of the time this is illogical. Take for instance (the entirely fictional) atheist who is certain that aliens exist. There is no evidence of alien sentience. None at all. Believing in something with no proof; that's called faith.

Take now, an agnostic who overflows with self-determination and lives in a state of self-actualization. I cannot measure how self-actualized someone is. Determination and confidence are subjective as well. The only measure is said individual's belief in those concepts. I call that faith, too.

It is my impression that the Abrahamic traditions have convinced the cultures that they influenced that someone can't have faith unless it is in The God of Monotheism. This is unfair. I am a well spring of faith. And I am very polytheistic.

Faith has become a dirty word in the cultures of science and high technology. I want to see more people describing how they feel with the word. Faith and intuition are two of the most useful gifts that humans have, but we are spending decade after decade trying to make them taboo.