Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meandering thoughts about the coming season

Oh, man. I'm behind of getting a post out this week. It been pretty hectic. I have lots of things running through my head right now. I've started a couple of jugs of mead fermenting, I've cut some firewood, and I'm thinking about our Ostara feast.

Ostara is one of the feasts I often forget to think about until it is right upon me. I don't really look forward to the weather warming up. But, here it is; March again.

Ostara is a time of renewal. Spring arrives and the flora gods awaken from their slumber. The fauna gods start to perk up too. However, I seem to feel a sense of loss when spring time comes. I miss the blustery days and long nights. The nearly constant overcast that can only happen when the weather is cool brings me such comfort; as though Lady Sky were tucking me in.

The tradition in our home is to have a feast on each of the quarter days and cross quarter days as figured astronomically (as opposed to the fixed dates to which those terms often apply). For each feast My Lady and I take turns either making the meal or desert. This feast I am to make the desert. I had thought to make a fruit based treat called Ambrosia, but I'm leaning toward making a pound cake now.

I'm also trying to figure out what sort of ritual to perform to celebrate the coming of spring. Perhaps something will come to me soon.