Friday, February 24, 2012


For about a decade I've been writing notes and brainstorming ideas for a spiritual text that would explain my beliefs. And, I hoped, would enlighten others or give them the courage to explore their own spirituality. A lot of it was trite and unrefined -- a lot of it still is. My vision for this site is twofold: I want to further explore my own spiritual thoughts so that I can refine them to the point that a book might be written, and I want to create a forum for spiritual philosophic exchange with others.

Obviously, it is the later point that will make this a useful website. I plan on writing an article every few days while responding to comments during the intervening period. I hope to eventually have other contributors on the site who can do likewise.

The content of this site will be primarily oriented toward others who identify with polytheistic spiritual beliefs. It isn't my intention to exclude anyone from participating with this website based upon their spiritual beliefs, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. I recognize that this site will not interest and may offend most of humanity. It will be important for all who contribute to this site, both authors and commenters, to be tolerant and respectful of all spiritual viewpoints. This does not mean that I will be tolerant of all forms of expression. I will not handle anyone posting intolerant, disrespectful, or profane content with kid gloves. Freedom of expression does not imply freedom to be ignorant.

That being said, this site doesn't really have any other boundaries. As I stated, this is primarily oriented toward spiritual discussion, but that won't be a limiting factor. Spirituality touches every aspect of our lives, so will this web site.