Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Please allow me to introduce myself ...

This is what you may have been thinking if you've visited The Viridian Path recently. I know, it saddens Noel and me, too.

Who am I, you may ask? I am Cassandra, and Noel has asked me to help revitalize this blog by writing for it. This plan should work for several reasons. Noel is a man of many interests, so inviting another writer will allow the blog to stay active while still giving each individual writer a chance to pursue other things in life. Noel and I are also very good at motivating each other, so reading what the other one has written will inspire each of us to write more, which will create a delightful feedback loop of literary creativity. Also, while we love each other very much, Noel and I are different people. To have both of us writing on this blog will generate a variety of content and perspectives, which can only make things more interesting for you, dear reader.

Now, back to who I am. This is important, because telling you about who I am will give you an idea about how I'm going to write. Really, I'm doing you a favor; you can decide right now if you just want to skip all the entries with my name on them. I am a woman, mother, wife, and aspiring scientist. I also enjoy music (of many varieties), literature, crafts (particularly of the food and textile variety), and the outdoors. I'm sure these will all come through in my writing at one time or another, but more than any of these things I see myself as a healer. The predominant impulses that have driven me throughout my life have been to understand this universe, to reflect it in all its elegance and beauty through the lens of my mind, and to do what I can to help all its various elements exist in harmony.

I'm looking forward to this; I hope you are, too.