Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The scope

Just when I had been given the opportunity to write for this blog, I had to go and get sick. That set a lot of my ambitions back significantly, but let's try to focus on the positive here. This illness has given me an interesting set of perspectives that might be useful here.

I can't speak for everyone who has ever been sick for an extended period of time, but my illness seriously messes with my head sometimes. I have been assured that with time, I will eventually be healthy again. To that end, I observe my body to see if I'm making any progress. I watch myself, and then become aware that I'm watching myself. Self-scrutiny can be draining at any time, never mind when one has little energy.

It doesn't help that my symptoms remain very much the same day in and day out. Taking stock of my state of health begins to feel less like an observation and more of a recitation. Then I remember the awesome power of the mind, and I start to wonder if I'm really sick at all. Maybe I've just told myself I'm sick so many times my body still believes it. That usually results in my trying to overexert myself and being reminded in no uncertain terms that yes, I'm still sick.

No, I'm not writing about this so you can all have the benefit of knowing that it is in fact no fun to be sick. I'm writing this because this blog's writing all has one basic assumption at its core: that there is a spiritual dimension to existence. Yet I intend to write extensively about physical aspects of existence, and this is why: we experience our world through a body. Physical phenomena have meaning for us, and our state of health can shape our interpretation of that meaning.

Therefore, take care of yourselves and each other, and keep your eyes open. Have fun!