Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Only Live Once?

Lets talk about YOLO for a moment. In the immortal words of "South Park's" Chef, "There's a time and a place for everything . . . its called college." I'm all for experimentation and exploration. Life should be lived to it's fullest. There are so many enjoyable, exhilarating and exciting things to do that it can be overwhelming. It is so very tempting to do all the drugs and have sex with all the people and do what you will as you please.

This is where I have a Cleansing of the Temple moment. Personal freedom and free will are the most glorious gifts that we have and they SHALL NOT BE USED TO HINDER OR HARM ANY BEING OR CREATURE! 


We are incarnated to this realm with free will  Nothing can take it away, but it can be harmed. This is the greatest violation to another being we can commit during our existence on Earth. Any being that causes another being to do something they don't want to do has violated this precept. There is much more to this discourse (such as the necessity of killing to survive), but I've digressed.

Let us say that you do only live once, which is to say that for the moment I will assume that we are born here, live, then die, and there is nothing else to existence. In that case, do we not have a duty and obligation to make each other's lives as pleasant and peaceful as possible?!

On the other hand, let us assume that, as I believe, we are spiritual beings who briefly incarnate in this realm time and again. How is our previously mentioned obligation lessened? Indeed, it is increased for we have no reprieve in death. Death brings review. Will invoking YOLO balance your deeds against the feather of Maat?! Only if YOLO means you did all that you can to bring peace and comfort to those you lived with because you live this one existence for all eternity.