Friday, March 23, 2012

Ostara 2012

Yay! Ostara has come and gone. Spring is in full swing (... and trying to become Summer). Our family's Ostara feast we well. It was small this year. The Lady made a turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes. I made a pound cake.

We celebrate each of the corners of the year as well as the cross corners. Ostara is, of course, the first days of Spring. We begin our celebration at sundown on the evening before the astronomical event until sundown on the evening the day after.

Prior to this celebration we were also observing a ritual we call Purification. We spent the previous four or five weeks eliminating most fats, all refined sugars and meat from our diet. It is a very difficult ritual, but quite rewarding.

Now, our celebrations and feasts are very low key. We like to stay home, say a few prayers to the Gods and relax with some home brewed mead. And, when we remember (since we're not fanatics or cultists or anything REALLY weird) we try to do something special to worship the season and our patrons. Unfortunately (or maybe well needed), this Ostara was focused on relaxing and adoring one another (the wee-beasties weren't about the house). Maybe we did do something special after all.